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Program Labels for Vocal Ensemble or Choir Lampifier Microphone PolyVox 711 (Sheet of 18 Labels) 

Label Type*
Box Labels (Sheet of 18 Labels)  $3.95
Microphone Labels (36 Labels After Cutting)  $3.95
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Labels for the Vocal Ensemble or Choir program. Product Code: 711VE-L

About Lampifier Microphone Program Labels

Peel-and-stick labels make it easier to identify a microphone's standard program. Optional labels are necessary only if you want to re-label your Lampifier microphone after reprogramming it for a different application.

Simply peel one of the 18 labels off the the sheet and press it onto a smooth dry surface. There are two kinds of labels, box labels and microphone labels. Box labels are for the microphone's cardboard retail box. You can put the box labels on the box full-size, as-is. Microphone labels have to be cut in half first. With scissors, cut along the labels' guide lines before peeling-and sticking the labels to the microphone handle. (There will be 36 microphone labels after cutting.) All 18 labels on a sheet are the same. If you need both kinds of labels, order a sheet of box labels and a sheet of microphone labels.

An example sheet of Box Labels

An example sheet of Microphone Labels

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