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Package Secrets Revealed

If you want to earn bigger commissions and if you have some specific knowledge we have something just for you! Itís called the Lampifier Pack packages program. With this Lampifier.com proprietary system, you create your own collections of products and we sell them together as a single package. Itís as easy as adding items to a shopping cart. Done properly, this is a proven method to increase your earnings up to 100% !!! How? Read on...

Customers like Lampifier Packs better because they simplify the order process. Have you ever ordered a "#2 Value Meal" at a fast food restaurant? Fast and easy. In addition, Lampifier Packs also offer a more informed buying choice, when presented properly with explanation and recommendations. They also give the customer an added discount as an extra incentive.

  • Lampifier Packs simplify the order process for customers.
  • Lampifier Packs offer customers better informed buying choices.
  • Lampifier Packs offer customers an extra discount.
  • Lampifier Packs result in larger orders, which means bigger commissions.
Sound good? But wait, there's more...

All the Lampifier Packs you create are unique. No one else can create exactly the same combination of products. Now, to make the deal even sweeter, not only do we pay you a Standard Commission for sales delivered to us through your website, but we also pay you a bonus - Residual Commission - on all non-affiliate (un-referred) sales of your Lampifier Packs!

Thatís right. You will receive Residual Commissions ongoing, for the sale of your Lampifier Packs, and this is in addition to our generous Standard Commission rates. Why do we do this? Are we nuts? No. We want to encourage you to create loads of great Lampifier Packs because we know they are a win/win/win. They win for the customer, they win for you, and they win for us.

Designing your Lampifier Packs for maximum impact and sales
Hopefully you have heard the saying, "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts." In our experience this is true for well-designed Lampifier Packs. Here are the general principles to keep in mind:

  • Products should share a similar theme of some kind.
  • Products should complement one another, or work well together.
  • Build packs at a variety of price levels, a "multi-tiered" approach.
  • Ask yourself, "What does the customer want to gain from my package?"
  • Present the packages with honest recommendations. Who is it for?

Before we explain these general principles in more detail below, check out Stetina.com to see an example that demonstrates each principle in action. There, the Lampifier Packs are listed at the right side of the webpage.

  1. The first principle in package design is that each package should be build around a certain theme. It could be a stylistic focus, an author focus, a technique focus, an artist focus, a level focus, or a format focus, etc.

  2. The second consideration is to choose items that work well together. Will the customer benefit by having these products in a single collection, by using them simultaneously, or by using them in sequence? If the answer is yes, you have a good pack.

  3. Third, we recommend building a multi-tiered approach. That is, create Lampifier Packs at different size/cost levels:
    • First, design smaller packs around specific themes. The smaller packages at stetina.com are the Metal Starter Pack and Rock Starter Pack. The Killer Lead Pack is also relatively small, although built around the theme "lead guitar" and appealing to more experienced players.
    • Next, build some mid-level packs. These will appeal to those who want more. This corresponds to the Full Metal Jacket at stetina.com.
    • Finally, build a really big package - the biggest, the best, and the most! Show them the value of the big package, and offer an opportunity to buy it with one single click. At stetina.com, this corresponds to the Stetina Monster Mega-Pack.
    Interestingly, the smaller packages help to sell the larger packages in-part because everyone wants more. As they consider the smaller packages seriously, they naturally check out the added value of a larger package. Some will migrate up-the-ladder to purchase it. Without that larger package being available, those customers would have likely purchased only a few sparse items. And without the smaller packages, many customers would get scared away because the entry price just seems too high, when value has not been demonstrated well.

  4. At this point, you can build your packages. But how do you best present them to the customer? That brings up the next principle: Look at it from the customerís perspective. Ask yourself these questions:
    • What does the customer want to gain from your package?
    • What does your package help the customer to achieve?
    • What will it make the customer feel?
    • What is the customer excited about?
    • What solution is the customer looking for?
    • What need does the customer have to fulfill?
    Answer one or more of these questions and write THAT into your pack presentation. Again, notice how the customer perspective is worked into the presentation of packs at stetina.com.

Finally, present the packages honestly. Hype for the sake of hype is recognized almost immediately by todayís sophisticated consumers. Donít hype. Just tell them the truth. What is really great about your package? Who is it best suited for? Who is it not suited for? (Maybe build another pack for them.) When youíre honest, you build credibility, which is in the long run far more important than any short term sale. Of course, on the other hand, if you are honestly excited about your packages, donít hesitate to let the customer know! And donít be afraid to speak in your own way. Talk to customers directly and naturally!

How To Make A Lampifier Pack package >>

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