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How To Make A Lampifier Pack

Creating a Lampifier Pack is as easy as putting items into a shopping cart. First, please read about Package Secrets Revealed to help you decide what packages to create. Here are the steps for creating your package:

  1. Login to your affiliate account or create a new affiliate account.
  2. Navigate to the product page of the first item you want to include in your Lampifier Pack. Begin by clicking the header at the top of this page to display the Lampifier.com home page. There you can use the SearchTool to find the first product.
  3. Enter the product quantity in the "Quantity To Add field". Click "Add To Lampifier Pack".
  4. Repeat the previous step until you have at least 3 items in your Package Contents.
  5. Click PackageTool and enter the "Title", "Keywords", and "Description" of your Lampifier Pack.
    1. Title - Enter an interesting title for your package. This is the first thing visitors will read about your Lampifier Pack. A good title will encourage visitors to click in order to learn more about it.
    2. Keywords - Enter some words that describe your Lampifier Pack. For every search displayed at Lampifier.com, our server will search your keywords. If a match is found, your package will be displayed along with the other search results.
      Keywords are exact matched.
      It is better to have plural words in your keywords because the leading characters of each search term are matched against your keywords.
    3. Description - Enter a paragraph that describes your Lampifier Pack. Use HTML tags to jazz up your description. <I> - italics, <P> - paragraph, <B> - bold, and other tags are permissible. The first 93 characters of your description are particularly important. Those are displayed under search results. Try to understand and fulfill the customer's need in the first 93 characters in order to increase your chance of making a sale.
  6. Enter the URL of a "Small Image" and a "Main Image" for your package. These are optional. If you do not enter images, our server will assign default images to your Lampifier Pack. Enter fully-qualified (complete) URLs. The URLs can be from any non-restricted source. You can even enter the URLs of Lampifier.com product images. The preferred size of a Small Image is 67 x 90 pixels. A Main Image should be 125 x 250 pixels or less.
  7. At the bottom of the PackageTool page, click "Create New Package". That saves your package contents and information. It also assigns an automatically-generated ID number to your package.
  8. After you have created your Lampifier Pack and after you login, you can click "Packages" at your account screen in order to View/Edit/Delete your package.

Here is a shortcut. You can use one package to create another.

  1. Use the SearchTool to find an existing package.
  2. Click "Add To Lampifier Pack" to add it to the new package you are making.
  3. Add or delete items since each package must be unique.
  4. Use the PackageTool to create your new package.
This shortcut adds the existing package's contents to your new package. It does not add the package itself. That way, future changes in the existing package will not affect your new package. After you click "Add To Lampifier Pack", the "Quantity in Lampifier Pack" will continue to show none because only package's contents were added to your new package.

How to Create Links to your Packages >>

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