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Lampifier.com Affiliate Program FAQs

  • "What is Residual Commission?" "What is a Lampifier Pack?"
    Lampifier.com is the only website where affiliates earn commission and Residual Commission on every Lampifier Pack. they create.

  • "Which websites can join?"
    Any related website can be an affilate to Lampifier.com.

  • "How much does it cost to become an affiliate?"
    It's free! You have no investment and no risk. You simply drop the appropriate code into your web pages, and start earning money.

  • "When can I start making money?"
    After you complete the affiliate application, you can use our Affiliate Help pages (left) to start creating your links right away, and the resulting sales will be credited to you immediately. At the end of the current month, any balance over $50 will be paid to you in full. If the balance for any month is less than $50, the amount will continue to accrue until it exceeds that amount.

  • "How do I create links to Lampifier.com?"
    Here is a page that shows you How To Make Links.

  • "How can I make more money?"
    Here is a page that shows you How to Earn More. Here is another page that shows you how to sell more Lampifier Packs. Package Secrets Revealed.

  • "How can I track my clicks, sales, and commissions?"
    Log in to your affiliate account to view the current and previous reports.

  • "How do you know which sales came from my website?"
    When a customer comes to our site from your links, our web server sends a client-side text string (cookie) containing an unique basket code. Our server uses the cookie to identify the customer's shopping basket in which it saves your Affiliate ID Number. For customers whose web browsers have been set to reject cookies, our server will track the customer's basket by adding the unique basket code to every link that the customer clicks while visiting our website. It will also track the primary URL address the customer came from, and where possible match that address to your website for credit.

  • "Can my website be hosted on a free web server like Tripod or Geocities?"
    Yes. Many great websites are hosted on free servers.

  • "What are Lampifier Packs?"
    Packages are collections of products that you know work well together. More...

  • "How do I create a Lampifier Pack package?"
    Here is a page that shows you How to Make A Lampifier Pack.

  • "How do I View/Edit/Delete my Lampifier Packs?"
    Login to your Affiliate Account and then click "Packages".

  • "Can I use my affiliate URLs in spam, bulk email, or pop-ups?"
    No. Using your affiliate link code in unsolicited email messages or newsgroup posts is a form of "spamming" and will result in your termination from our affiliate program. You may use your link code in a newsletter if it is sent only to people who have asked to subscribe to the newsletter.

  • "How do I make changes to my affiliate account?"
    Login to your affiliate account.

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