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Reviews and Testimonials 

Third Party Reviews

by Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis, White Empress)

by Kyle Ragan

by Bud Rogers

Audio Technology magazine of Australia
LAMPIFIER 111 & 711 Handheld mics that have seen the light. Review: Mark Woods

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Just to let you know, received the mic last week and used it first time in our gig on Friday. Sounded great! I actually reprogrammed it from the Global to the Pro Vocal setting, and was bit nervous doing it straight away but easier than I thought. You could tell the difference in the output straight away as was much louder than my SM58 at the same setting. This better as can turn the output down on the desk so as not pushing the limits, presume this is the main reason its set up this way..?

The review you have on the website (Audi Technology, Australia) was pretty spot on as well as the sound is much clearer than the SM58 and the compression does seem to make it easier to sing thro'.

Only downside (as the review said) is slightly higher handling noise, not an issue for me as I play guitar as well so use a mic stand. Also the packaging could be better ie; leatherette wallet a bit cheap....no big deal though.

Must admit a was a bit sceptical buying from the UK as no distribution over here and no one I knew had heard of it. But this said, so far I'm glad I took the plunge and reckon I'll be getting a few more enquiries from over this side of the pond ! :)

Andy Bannister

Chuck Day

"I have been using the Lampifier mic and have been very pleased with the performance! I have used it on shows where other artists shared the mic with me during the evening. Everyone who has sung on it says that they love it! I also used it to record vocals in a vocal session I am producing using ProTools and it even sounded great in that environment! I recommend them highly!!"

--Chuck Day, singer/songwriter

Chuck Day has nine #1 hit songs in Christian Music including ďMidnight Cry,Ē the most recorded popular song in Christian music. He is ICGMA (International Country Gospel Music Association) Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Songwriter of the Decade. He was inducted into the ICGMA Hall of Fame in 2000.

Steve Agrisano

"As a Catholic musician and composer, I have used the Lampifier mic in numerous situations and it has become my primary vocal mic for almost every setting. I find the sound very comparable to two other condenser mics I own that cost, very literally, 3 times the price of the lampifier.

My favorite aspect of the mic (that other mics do NOT offer) is the slight EQ shaping and compression built into the mic itself. The nature of church and hall acoustics, as most of us know, leaves a lot to be desired. The added clarity and "punch" of the lampifier mic helps vocals come through clean and natural sounding in a way that no other mic can do. It also can eliminate the need for external compression/gate effects units. For most churches, a good sound board and Lampifier mics could go a long way.

I have noticed some discussion of the Lampifier micís internal processor not being readily adjustable. I have not found this to be a detriment. You can, of course, adjust the EQ on the sound board. The compression is subtle but noticeably helpful in large halls. I suppose there could be occasional times when you would desire more compression but there is no question for me that the mic adds a pleasant quality that others do not. The processor inside the mic is discreet and effective and given the rest of your set up, almost certainly improves the sound for a fraction of the cost of buying more expensive mics or effects units that are often confusing to volunteer sound engineers.

For whatever it's worth, I actually have other mics and external effects processors but usually use the Lampifier mic instead...so that says something! My only wish list for future versions: a hair less handling noise. But as I said, it is not a big enough issue to make me reach for another mic. In full disclosure, I have been given no compensation for these comments and am not a spokesperson or endorser of Lampifier mics. I was given 1 mic to travel with and test and I plan on keeping it :) The model I have is the "Pro Vocal" model and all comments are pertaining to that model."

--Steve Angrisano (Musician, composer and youth minister)

"I recently purchased a Mic for on-air announcing as I had been unable using other Mics and processing to match our main satellite feed. I am writing to compliment you on an excellent product, after programming the Mic to our requirements it performed perfectly, and is now the only on-air Mic I use."

--Vince Geddes (ART / BBC World Service) Auckland North Shore, New Zealand

Vince is not compensation for these comments and is not a spokesperson of Lampifier mics.

Westney Heights Baptist Church

"Greetings from Canada. I'm a worship pastor in Ontario. Our church has been using the Lampifier 111 and 711 mics for about 3 months now to incredible reviews from our worship teams, tech staff and musical guests. We has anywhere from 3 to 9 vocalists on any given worship week. We use an LCR mix and have a Soundcraft GB4 desk.

The compressor inside the Lampifier mics is extremely effective and does not need any programming or quick changes. We have a variety of microphones including Shure SM58s, AKGs and Heil's. There is always a clamor to get there first to get one of the Lampifier mics. It's the best microphone for a ladies voice I've ever come across. Do you have one of those altos that's a little "boomy"? Solve your problem. Try a 111 and have it set at Reggae/Latin/Soul. No monkeying around with attenuation or EQ, just plug it in and it works.

The 711 model is the perfect choir mic. We've used it for the bass and tenor section (small 4 to 8 men compared to 25 ladies) and it turns the men into an army. If you have multiple needs it's good to have a few Lampifier mics on hand set up for different applications. Don't let the critics fool you. Talk to someone who's had experience with them. Get your hand on a Lampifier mic and simplify your life."

Don Salmon (Westney Heights Baptist Church) Ontario, Canada

James Weston

"I recently had the pleasure of singing with a Lampifier microphone at the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA I was blown away by what I heard. No other dynamic microphone has ever offered me such freedom with vocal dynamics, as did this product. The subtle way it picked up my deep raspy qualities, even at almost a whisper was remarkable. Then, as I hit a chorus harder, it didnít flinch.

You might be a skeptic upon learning such a product actually exists, but trust me you wonít be after you hear these things in action! Smooth compression combined with an unrecognizable limiter, built in and brought to life by Phantom power? Yes. This is a must have for any vocalist that wants his/her voice to sit above the mix, allowing the words and inflections to shine through. Since that day at NAMM, I have done nothing but rave about it to all my engineer friends, live and studio.

And to put the icing on the cake, you might think youíd need to adjust the compression rate on the mic for each singerís voice, but this is not necessary. Throughout the day I was witness to multiple people sing through it, each with different vocal qualities and singing at different levels. Due to Lampifier mics compression design, the microphone equally handled the changes with its self-leveling design. I wouldnít play without this product, it is cloud 9!

Thanks to Lampifier Company for designing a product that allows us singers to be true to our true voice, and isnít that what itís all about anyway? Keep rockin' man..."

James Weston (actor, singer, songwriter) Los Angeles, California

James is a songwriting with a singular vocal style of Tom Waits coupled with the cinematic arrangements of Pink Floyd Throw in B.B. King on guitar and youíll have an idea of the music of James Weston.

Go2 Band

"My Lampifier mic is AWESOME. I rap as well as sing, so the dynamics of my voice change all the time. I use my Lampifier mic for concert events as well as Sunday morning praise and worship."

--Rick (The "Go2" Band) Atlanta, Georgia


"The mic is amazing! It IS a substantial improvement & exceptionally convenient system that enhances proper mic technique & fits a niche that previously required multiple processors being used in places where the mix engineer was generally not up to the task. Overall, the mic is a substantial improvement over a standard dynamic microphone with basic compression

--Jimi Yamagishi (TheSongNet.org) Anaheim, California

"In a marketplace crowded by microphones with different names, the Lampifier mic stands alone, giving singers a power never before achievable."

-- Jeannie Deva, Celebrity Voice and Performance Coach endorsed by engineers and producers of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac.

Historic St. Andrew Church

"...a noticeable improvement over every other mic we tested...love them."

--Rick Martinez (Historic St. Andrew Church) Panama City, Florida

Christ the King Church

"Our Sennheiser mics have stayed in the closet since the Lampifier mics arrived. The Lampifier mics have boosted our teen musicianís confidence and morale, helping them to become better at their craft."

--Tom Flaten (Christ The King Church) Indianapolis, Indiana

Second Soul - the band

"This mic kicks a..! At high volume my voice is much easier to control with the Lampifier mic."

--Scott Yanke (Second Soul) Milwaukee, WI


"Hello, My name is Chad Sweazea, I am the lead vocalist for a band called Arythma. I recently had the pleasure of using the Lampifier microphone Pro Concert Vocal model 111, with a minor adjustment this microphone was absolutely amazing. The self compressing feature was awesome, I changed mine to the Extreme Vocal program due to loud stage levels. A truly innovative microphone!"

--Chad Sweazea (Arythma) St. Louis, Missouri

Ian And The Dream

"This microphone allows a singer to be honest with dynamics in a live setting. I no longer have to concern myself with making a falsetto note stronger, or a loud note softer. And what's more important than honesty?"

-Ian Abrahamson (Ian & The Dream) Waukesha, Wisconsi

The Eroy Gash band

"My band, Eroy Gash, just purchased a set of lampifier mics for vocals. They are absolutely amazing. Super hot so you can keep the gain low and minimize noise. Clear and articulate but yet manage to still not be ear piercing."

-Anthony Reno (The Eroy Gash band) Peace Valley, Missouri

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