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Artist Cross-Promotion Endorsement Program

The Lampifier Company is proud to support emerging and established artists! Below is the program overview. Note: This is a level B endorsement (industry standard), which means there will be a substantially reduced cost associated with getting product. We are looking for artists who are excited about using our new technology, and wish to cooperatively build awareness of both your brand and ours, side by side!

A Lampifier Company endorsement does not bind you or us to specific performance guarantees. Rather the agreement outlines common ways that we work with bands. This is an organic, voluntary arrangement and you will notice the wording is written as "may" for both sides. Each band is unique, the level of our participation depends on the level of your participation and activity. The more active you are (supplying us with interview segments, video clips and promo materials, and keeping us up to date with your shows, videos and recordings) the more we will be able to do for you. Endorsement here is a two way street; we work with bands to help one another. If this sounds like something you want to pursue, please follow the directions below:

1. Read over our patented microphone technology to understand how it can help your performance. If this seems interesting to you, apply for endorsement by sending an email to troy@lampifier.com with subject line "Artist Endorsement Program". Include your name, your bandís name, links to your music, video and social pages, and your website. We will review your information and if we feel you are a good fit for Lampifier, we will email back the endorsement details in a PDF file. Please read it over carefully.

2. We understand that you may have no prior experience using our product. And in that situation, the benefits, although intriguing, are just a theory. The only way to know for sure is to actually use our products in your own performance. Therefore we offer a 30 day trial period to test the product before coming on board with us. If you find it isn't your preferred product, simply return it for a refund (minus shipping).

3. After you have put our product to the test, if you choose to use it as your preferred microphone (currently over 95% come to this conclusion), we will move forward with cross promotional activities. You will need to sign and return the "name and likeness" release so we can advertise and use your images. We may send you a few questions about your experience with the microphone, and cut together promo video or other items to advertise you and our products together. Lampifier Company will bear the costs of any associated advertising.

4. We ask that you help disseminate all such promotional video and/or other items to your social networking fans as well, and tell them about the Lampifier microphone and why you like it. And of course, use and enjoy the microphone!

Apply today, and find out why Lampifier Microphones are MAKING PERFORMANCE EFFORTLESS!

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