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13. Club Vocal Lampifier Microphone PrimoVox 111
With the Lampifier® Model 111 Club Vocal microphone your sound is clear and even. Your voice projects comfortably on top of the mix without harsh plosives. It takes much less work to to control your dynamics. Inside the handle of your microphone, your sound is processed for intelligently controlled dynamics. This is the small club vocalist's mic of choice. (If you are in an exceptionally loud environment, however, please see the 111 Extreme Vocal program.)

The Club Vocal program features moderately high compression and low noise gating. The compressor acts to give a noticeable boost to low volume passages and tames excessive peaks. Go from a whisper to a shout! With the Club Vocal Microphone Model 111, is easier to have better dynamic control. 111CV Program Labels are available for this standard program.

Program: View Program Settings
Compressor: -16dB
Gate: -27dB
Release: Slow
Output: Low
Product Code: 111CV

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