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The Four Pillars of Singing 3.0 Hard Copy Book / HD DVD 

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The Four Pillars of Singing 3.0 is also available as a complete Digital Download.

The Four Pillars of Singing is the most comprehensive and innovative vocal training system available today, offering an extensive collection of beginner to advanced training materials and effectively changes the rules of how vocal training products are made. "Pillars" is more than a book or video; it is a comprehensive multi-media training experience!

The Hard Copy version offers a beautiful, full-color, custom made book, printed on premium gloss heavy gauge cover stock. The front and back covers are fully laminated with 10mil gauge to offer TVS students a rugged and durable product. Every opportunity to increase the quality and beauty of the book has been considered. Watch the video below or click on the "More Images" link at the top to see page samples.

Check out this extensive table of contents!

  • The Four Pillars of Singing Printed Book
  • 1 HD DVD with Training Media Interface (equal to 9 standard DVDs)
  • Video & Audio Content: 382 Files / 6.5 GB
  • 38+ HD Videos with original performance demonstration
  • 33+ HD Video lectures that explain TVS methodology and techniues
  • 62+ Piano Workouts in G (for women)
  • 38+ Robert Lunte Demonstration Guide Files
  • 38+ MIDI Audio Guide Files
  • 62+ Solo Piano Audio Workouts in C

  • Complete Multimedia System!

    The Training Media Interface (TMI) within the Four Pillars of Singing offers a uniquely designed and user-friendly training application. Students have all the training content from "The Four Pillars of Singing" instantly accessible through a system of organized menus. The interface features an embedded multi-media player used to read the ebook, to view lectures and demonstrations, and to train along with the audio workouts. The Four Pillars of Singing comes complete and fully self contained with all the original video & audio files.

    Voice expert Robert Lunte, author of The Vocal Studio international teaching format, shows you exactly how to practice each vocal workout by demonstrating the original vocal exercises. Each vocal exercise can be viewed from four angles in HD video or listened to at your leisure in audio. Read, see and hear in the clearest possible way how to train your voice or sing along to solo piano tracks of all 40+ original workouts. To accompany vocalists on piano full, notated sheet music is also provided.

    The system also offers 30 lectures that discuss the most cutting-edge vocal techniques and concepts on how to best and most efficiently train singers. Finally, The Four Pillars of Singing provides a comprehensive training routine that gives direction and guidance on how to train your voice using the various techniques.

  • For singers of all levels, beginner to advanced

    The innovative approach taken in The Four Pillars of Singing vocal training system, enables you both as a beginning student of voice or as an experienced vocalist, to achieve results quickly.

  • Endorsed by world class voice experts from around the world

    The book and the collection of audio and video exercises for vocalists are backed up by Robert’s worldwide team of TVS-certified voice instructors. These vocal coaches are ready to assist you with further instruction in the form of private online voice training or singing lessons in person, if you want to take your training further.

    Read a few of the hundreds of reviews!!

  • ***** More Depth & Persona then other programs.

    I'm amazed at the depth of your program. You have put an enormous amount of work and effort into this and it shows. I've glanced at other programs similar to yours in nature but have never seen this kind of structure and depth. Thanks again man, awesome product!
    Reviewed by: Fred Durham from Wichita Falls, TX. on 2/11/2013

    ***** A bold and fun approach - love it!

    This program is complete. Really. I was skeptical but it’s true. The pillar approach leaves no questions about the components of singing. The workouts break the chains of your voice. I have so much freedom now and I never thought I could reach such high notes. Well, I can now! And there are workouts for everyone in there, with guidance, without guidance, with piano and so on. The fitness aspect of singing is covered. The science of singing is covered. The mind in singing is covered. The story of contemporary vocal instructions is covered. There is so much material I cannot list it all here. For every aspect of the term "singing" there is a part in this program, for every level of knowledge there is something new. Even screaming is covered. Love it! And on top of all that the program is presented in a bold and fun manner which makes the videos a pleasure to watch. No B.S.! Just all about singing I could ever wish for. Oh and there is a great forum too. From his posts I see that Robert Lunte is open for all kinds of teachings. He seems eager to always improve his approach if that is even possible. A passionate man. And a passionate product. A product worth every penny!
    Reviewed by: Lucca Hellriegel from Nürnberg - Germany. on 1/30/2013

    ***** All you'll ever need.

    This vocal training system is out of this world. Everything you could ever ask for and more is covered in this package. Robert's no nonsense approach helps you focus and most importantly get the job done! If there's something you're struggling with, Robert is just an email away and is committed to every challenge. This isn't just a buy and forget package, it's like having a permanent vocal coach, even from the other side of the world.
    Steve Tyssen from Australia. on 12/4/2012

    ***** A must have !

    Undoubtedly one of the most efficient vocal training in the last years. I used to train with the CVT book then I discovered The four pillars... As a self-taught singer, Robert's book helped me more in two weeks than the CVT training system in two years. Saying the truth, it's like I am discovering my voice again. Now I can copy whith more ease my favorite singers vocal techniques. Whenever I encounter a vocal issue, I know that I can find the answer I'm looking for in this book. Plus, Robert's advices are for both beginners and more advanced singers. He always go straight to the point, often in funny ways, and doesn't make you waste your time ! The four pillars book will provide you exactly the right amount of technical and pratical stuff to help you to reach your vocal goal.
    Reviewed by: Thomas Lebeau from Toulouse, France. on 12/4/2012

    ***** Lots of Info!

    This course has so much information. It really focuses on the scientific and physical aspects of producing sound. Everyone can produce sound, but this course teaches how to get the sound everyone wants and breaks down the steps and elements necessary to reach that goal. If your are serious about acquiring control of your instrument, then you need to know this information.
    Reviewed by: C Stajduhar from Washington. on 11/6/2012

    ***** Are You A Victim of Do It Yourself Program Hopping??

    ... Well this is your final stop right here. All you need to know to sing crazy high, full and boomy!!! All the tools are right here and what do you get when you cross an amazing program with an amazing teacher? that's right you get TVS not only is Robert's program amazing he himself is amazing he will take the time to guide you despite the fact that he is a busy busy busy man that to me shows a sense of passion, a sense of dedication to his students who aspire to sing awesome just like him So stop thinking about it and get the program. every second spent contemplating whether this program is the real deal is a lost deal it is the real deal hands down no other vocal program comes close don't believe me? go to the modernvocalist forums and find out for yourselves there you will find rob's amazing students who became amazing because of his guidance. well worth every penny So I definitely recommend this to everyone and I most definitely recommend it to you :D
    Reviewed by: Halcyon from Bohol, Philippines. on 10/23/2012

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